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Applying Eye Shadow

Help lead the way in an exciting tech startup company that is changing the future of the beauty industry!


Poshed On The Go™ is launching the first marketplace app of its kind that is designed to put the power back into the hands of the beauty provider. We’re on a mission to make independent beauty businesses simple to build & manage, and more lucrative than ever before. Simply put, we believe beauty professionals deserve different and are creating a new way for them to do business.

We're a national luxury brand founded on business leadership from underrepresented groups. We are on a mission to break barriers in business, technology, the beauty industry, and outdated societal stereotypes.


In this, we’re growing a diverse team of leaders who align with our values and company culture. We believe in respect and love for every human being no matter their race, gender identity, sexuality, religion, political views, economic status, or education level. We make space for new lifestyles. We accept people without exception. We are committed to this mission, and only those with an open mind, willingness to learn & grow, and desire for a workplace founded on collaboration, understanding, & radical inclusion are encouraged to apply.


Learn more about how Poshed On The Go™ can help your earn more money, time, and freedom  as a beauty professional! Plus learn about all the perks of joining our Founding Team!

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