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As a female-led tech startup, Poshed Inc., dBa Poshed On The Go™, is on a mission to break the status quo in the beauty industry and the male-dominated technology sector. We exist to empower beauty professionals - who are 90% female & 66% people of color - to step into their unique potential by learning more adept business & mindset strategies, while using our platform to have a more profitable & sustainable beauty business.

At the core of Poshed™ is a company that is built on heart and hard work. We've built a strong company culture that values inclusion, integrity, and compassion for all humans, and a place where the “underdogs” can thrive. We bring a new way of business in the tech industry that is often thought of as hostile and elitist, and instead demonstrate that when people are treated with love and respect, amazing things will happen. We're here to set the standard that innovation and corporate success doesn't require fancy degrees, wealthy parents, masculine leadership, or aggressive work environments. We're shattering outdated societal stereotypes of what it looks and feels like to be a tech leader in America.

Our growing company represents the spirit of an emerging entrepreneurial ecosystem; one that thrives in the face of adversity, celebrates diversity, and believes that a human’s potential should never be limited or discounted by one’s education, upbringing, gender identity, sexual orientation, or ethnicity. Building onto our founding team will serve as a catalyst to propel our company toward heightened success and sustained growth, thus continuing to pave the path for underrepresented founders and company’s on a mission to lead with love. Yes, we know it might sound cheesy, but we’ve never been afraid to be a little bit different at Poshed Inc.

Before it was ever trending on Twitter, we believed in the power of our femininity, diversity, authenticity, inclusiveness, uniqueness, and most of all, the power of love while growing our billion-dollar dream company. Others might say it's not possible, we say "watch us."



Poshed On the Go™ wasn't created to be "better" than the last beauty service company.

Poshed On The Go™ was born to be completely different.
We're creating a new lane.

While some see us as an "on-location salon service" company, our long-term vision is so much deeper than that. While we won't get into the details of what that means today, just know that we're creating something bigger than you could ever imagine.


We’re on a mission to make independent beauty businesses simple to build & manage, and more lucrative than ever before. We give beauty providers the opportunity to keep 100% of their service price, while also helping them reach high-end clientele, communicate & schedule appointments seamlessly, auto-market to current and prospective clients, process & track payment data without hassle, all while lowering overhead costs. Simply put, we believe beauty professionals deserve different and are creating a new way for them to do business.

We're coming to empower every beauty provider, every salon, and every beauty product brand/distributor out there to reach more people and earn more income than they ever have before.

We believe that everyone can win, and we intend to prove that by doing things differently at Poshed On The Go™.



Ruth Green Skirt.jpg


At Poshed On The Go™, our mission is to break barriers in technology, business, beauty, and outdated societal stereotypes.


Within that, I believe all women are multifaceted. Women can run businesses, have babies, and embrace our femininity, all while breaking through glass ceilings. In this, I hope to build a company that thrives on female leadership in the technology industry. 

Our femininity is our superpower. We do not need to down our femininity to earn respect in the business world. How we choose to present ourselves should not take away any intellectual value that we offer. I want to create a culture where it is encouraged to be smart, ambitious, and sexy.


Women can have it all and be it all; we do not have to choose. I intend to prove that through the growth of this company. 

Dream big,

Ruth E. Shrauner

Founder & CEO

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