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Applying Makeup


"Aren't you worried salons will view you as competition?"

We're not here to compete.

We believe heavily in collaboration.

But more than that, Poshed wasn't created to be "better" than any other company. Poshed was born to be completely different.

We're creating a new lane.

While some see us as an "on-location salon service" company, our long-term vision is so much deeper than that. 

In this vision, we're coming to empower every beauty provider, every salon, and every beauty product brand/ distributor out there to reach more people and generate more revenue than they ever have before.

We believe that everyone can win, and we intend to prove that by doing things differently at Poshed On The Go™.

Stay tuned for what is to come or fill out the form below to learn more now.


Poshed On The Go™: Built to be different.

Ways We Serve Our
Partner Salons & Brands

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Build Salon Clientele
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Offer Flexibility To Employees'
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Empowering Community
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Boost Retail Sales
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Build Local & National Brand Awareness
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