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4 Simple Things You Can Do to Save Your Hair!

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Revitalize your hair with Awaken Therapeutic Hair Care & Styling by Surface, an innovative product that merges organic botanicals and advanced technology to create a healthier scalp with faster-growing, visibly thicker hair. Awaken stimulates the body's natural ability to produce full, robust hair by boosting cellular rejuvenation, minimizing DHT to promote fuller follicles, and using a network of styling botanical fibers to increase hair diameter.

Amidst the buzz surrounding the "Skinification of Hair," it's essential to understand how to maintain a healthy scalp. To promote healthy hair growth, start with proper scalp care.

4 Keys to a Healthy Scalp:

  1. Cleanse - remove dirt, oil, debris, dead skin, and anything that can clog our hair follicles and sebaceous glands. Try Awaken Shampoo with natural capsicum and mint oil.

  2. Stimulate - increase blood flow and help in the delivery of vital nutrients to the Cellular Generation Zone where hair is formed. Try Awaken Scalp Elixir to stimulate the scalp and speed the delivery of D-Biotin.

  3. Strengthen - fortify and protect new emerging hair. Try Awaken Therapeutic Conditioner to strengthen, revitalize and nourish scalp and hair.

  4. Revitalize - invigorate hair growth and reduce DHT (dihydrotestosterone), maximizing the follicle size and enabling it to produce a thicker hair. Try Awaken Therapeutic Treatment - Apply to scalp and massage in. Use daily for best results.

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Want the ultimate treatment to a health scalp? Book your Scalp Facial with a Poshed Pro by downloading our app today!

Are you a professional looking to expand your education and learn a new service to treat your clients? Attend our next Poshed Monday Funday event on September 25, 2023 to learn how to give a Scalp Facial from Surface Hair educators!

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