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Hottest Nail Trend of 2023!

We know you've seen them on our social media - and every other social media page that highlights nail art! And probably on a few celebrity social media pages too (like on the OG of chrome nails Hailey Bieber's page!). So what's the deal with chrome nails? Check out this beautiful manicure by @nailsxmina and let's dive in!

Chrome nails are achieved by applying a special powder or varnish to the nail. This can overlay any type of nail: polish, gel, acrylic, etc. You can layer this effect for your desired look, depending on if you just want a simple high shine or a holographic effect.

What nails does this work for?

The beauty of this trend is that is works for absolutely every one and every nail! No matter the shape or length or how shiny you want your nails you can enjoy a chrome manicure. This effect is also translucent, so no matter if you choose dark colored polish or a light color you can still enjoy this trend!

What's the difference between chrome nails versus metallic versus glitter nails?

Like we mentioned earlier, the chrome look can be achieved by applying a powder or varnish, which is an extra step: often unlike metallic or glitter manicures. The chrome nails are also more glossy than metallic choices and of course smoother than glitter!

Feeling fancy?

Chrome nails are NOT just for an all over manicure color! The chrome effect can be applied to nail art, French tips, or anything else special your heart desires! Get creative and have FUN with this trend throughout all of 2023!

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Ruth Brooks
Ruth Brooks
25 de jan. de 2023

😍😍 So fab!

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