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Is Your Business Competing or Collaborating?

"Aren't you worried that salons will view you as competition?"

We're not here to compete. We believe heavily in collaboration.

But more than that, Poshed™ wasn't created to be "better" than the last company.

Poshed™ was born to be completely different.

We're creating a new lane.

Ruth & Kathleen collaborating

While some see us as an "on-location salon service" company, our long-term vision is so much deeper than that. While I can't get into the details of what that means today, just know that we're creating something bigger than you could ever imagine.

In this vision, we're coming to revolutionize an entire industry - that's 90% women and 66% people of color. #letsgogirls

We're coming to empower 👉every beauty provider, every salon, and every beauty product brand/distributor👈 out there to reach more people and earn more income than they ever have before.

We believe that everyone can win, and we intend to prove that by doing things differently at Poshed On The Go™.

NOW is our time. The industry is perfectly primed for what we're bringing to the table. So... buckle up, betches, it's going to be a helluva ride. 🙆‍♀️💃✌️🎉🍻

Dream big,


P.S. Download the app below and start scheduling your pampering appointments wherever you are - to support collaboration between small businesses! Book a makeup appointment for your Halloween party! Book a gloss treatment before the dry Winter! Book your pedicure and pull out those boots! And put the code POSHEDKC in the notes for $10 off!

Remember, every appointment you book supports this small business and the small business of your beauty professional!

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