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It’s Destiny: Poshed™ On The Go Wasn't Born Out of Necessity

I've spent the last decade as a freelance contractor for a national brand that is both community-driven & "businessized." This business opportunity dramatically changed the course of my life, and my family's lives. It's why I couldn't walk away from the idea of Poshed™ On The Go, even though I was already living "the dream."

But I knew other people weren't.

And I knew these "other people" - in the beauty industry - were 90% women and 66% people of color.

Ruth at a Poshed event

I knew these “other people” worked in an industry that has long taken advantage of a demographic that is too naive or meek to advocate for themselves (Data shows women ask for pay raises less than men, and when they do ask they are denied more often. Plus, cosmetologists get very little business training, it's mostly technical training).

I knew I had the education, experience, network, resources, and opportunity to create a NEW business model within the beauty industry that could potentially give other women and underrepresented groups the opportunity to change their lives like I did with mine years ago.

When I saw it, I couldn't unsee it.

While it made no sense for me to give up my comfortable life to launch a tech startup (twin toddler mom here!), it made less sense to look at everything that has been put in my life over the past decade & walk away from building Poshed™.

Everything aligned.

Every single decision, lesson, win, rejection. Every coincidental meeting of the perfect people necessary to build my startup team... it all made so much sense.

Poshed™ On The Go wasn't born out of necessity, it was destiny.

I know, that sounds batshit crazy to some people, but it's very comforting when it's your conviction. Yes, I think it's insane I'm starting and building this company (every day I think that), but I also know without a single doubt it's right where I'm supposed to be.

So, when I saw this article by Lolita Taub at the beginning of this year, I felt validated even though I'm still entering into an entirely new industry and building a tech company from the ground up.

✅️ Community-driven

✅️ Businessized humans

✅️ Underrepresented markets

Just more proof for me to add to my "God Winks" list that I pull out on those days when fear tries to stop me.

Dream big,


P.S. Download the app below and start scheduling your pampering appointments wherever you are - to support collaboration between small businesses that are mainly owned by females and minorities! Book a specialty Halloween makeup look! Book a pumpkin facial! Book some speciality nail art! And put the code POSHEDKC in the notes for $10 off!

Remember, every appointment you book supports this small business and the small business of your beauty professional!

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