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This Is My Why...

🔎 See those babies? They're my 3 year old twins.

🔎 See that woman sitting on the left side of the audience in the back row? That’s my mom.

🔎 See the woman in the front of the room pitching her business idea? Yep, that’s me sharing Poshed On The Go™ back in March.

These photos would have never taken place if it wasn’t for an unconventional business opportunity that I was given ten years ago. The opportunity gave me the autonomy to build a personal brand on the back of a nationally-known wellness company. They did the heavy lifting of a corps company while I used their products and platform plan to change my life.

Before I partnered with this company, I was questioning my desire to become a mother. I knew I loved my career and that I was motivated to create change in whatever role I was given, but I was scared to be a working mom. I kept asking myself if I would…

  • have to choose between being a present mom or having a thriving career?

  • be able to afford a family or find myself pinching pennies to buy diapers each week?

  • miss out on my kids’ activities due to work obligations?

  • be able to climb the corporate ladder as a pregnant female/ mom?

Long story short, I’ve never known the normal stresses of being a working mom in the US. Instead, I’ve built a business that has never made me choose between being a mother or being a working professional. My business gave me extreme flexibility in my schedule, allowing me to choose to be the type of mother I desired without sacrificing my income. It compensated me based on my performance instead of my reproductive status.

💖 It’s a blessing to find a career you love.

👩‍👧‍👦 It’s a blessing to have children.

But, it’s the biggest blessing to find a career you love that also gives you flexibility + lucrative income while raising babies. 💖 + 👩‍👧‍👦

I don’t believe God put my business in my life so these blessings could stop at me. I believe I'm here so I can create an even greater impact by taking everything I’ve learned to build a new model and brand within the beauty industry.

If you’re wondering why I couldn’t walk away from building Poshed™, this is why. I want to give beauty service pros the same blessings that lie in the details of these photos. ❤️

Love, Ruth

P.S. Download the app below and start scheduling your back to school appointments! Book your haircuts for your kiddos! Book your manicure before all those meet-the-teacher nights! And put the code POSHEDKC in the notes for $15 off throughout August!

Remember, every appointment you book supports a small business and helps that business owner achieve balance in her career and personal life!

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