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Use Your Advice & Expertise To Make Someone Fall In Love With You - Or Appreciate You Beyond Words!

🙌 Is "HIGH FIVE WEDNESDAY" already a thing?! 🙌

I don't know if it is, but I'm sending a HUGE virtual high five to Christine Ricci, RN, CEO/ Founder of Liquid Mobile; Maria Flynn, CEO/ Founder of Ambiologix; and David Brotton, former CMO of Purple Wave, for their kindness, advice, and time over the past year.

All of you have been a gift in your own way and I'm so thankful for your support!

We often see great quotes online about people supporting people, but to experience it as a first-time tech startup founder is a totally different thing.

It is beyond powerful; it is trajectory-changing.

As a founder, mom, wife, friend, boss, neighbor... I KNOW how busy we all are and how many hats we wear. Time is our most precious asset. I never expect any other person to give me their time, because we're all pulled in a million different directions. Therefore, giving a total stranger advice isn't always a priority, and that is totally acceptable. I understand and respect that.

Therefore, when other individuals stop to give me their time, I'm incredibly thankful, humbled, and ready to take action on any advice they have to lend.

Christine, Maria, and Dave, all without asking for anything in return, have been such gracious and generous guides for me as I've built Poshed over the last year. I cannot thank you enough! Your advice has NOT been wasted. Each of you have offered invaluable tips over the past year that I truly believe has changed the trajectory of Poshed in the best ways possible.

Quote about building other women up and sharing success

You inspire me to build an awesome company, but you inspire me even more to help other first-time founders when they need a listening ear or a little advice. Thank you for being you.

High five, friends! 🙌

If anyone is still reading this, comment below with a friend, mentor, or colleague who you want to send high five for their kindness today.

Dream big,


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