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Women Have Spoken...

Women have spoken... During a recession, we'll cut spending on:

โœ… Groceries

โœ… Clothing

But what about beauty products and services....?

Don't ๐Ÿ‘ be ๐Ÿ‘ crazy ๐Ÿ‘ .

beauty products to buy

We're NOT leaving the house without making sure our faces and hair are snatched. That's right, we'll starve ourselves. We'll pull clothes from the back of our closets. But we will not deny ourselves beauty products or services during economically challenging times.

According to The Hustle, consumers are still spending just as much, and sometimes more, on beauty despite a looming recession. This trend - referred to as the "lipstick index" - has remained consistent throughout history dating back to the Great Depression. ๐Ÿ’„

Some fun data:

  • LVMH, the luxury group that owns Sephora and other brands, reported an 11% rise in perfume and cosmetics sales in its first quarter.

  • Prestige beauty brands โ€” sold in department and specialty stores โ€” raked in nearly as much with $27B in sales and 15% YoY growth.

Read the full article linked HERE.

Come bet on beauty with us at POSHED ON THE GOโ„ข!

Dream big,


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Remember, every appointment you book supports this small business and the small business of your beauty professional!

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