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You Last-Minute Gift Guide Before Valentine's Day ❤️

Do you have a sweet little surprise for your someone special this Valentine's yet?? And before you even ask, YES, you can be your own someone special! 😊

Yeah...neither do we... Not YET, anyway! Because today we've put together the ultimate gift guide with recommendations from our incredible brand partners with Poshed On The Go™! The one you admire will be completely impressed with one (or a few!) or these beautiful gifts (but don't forget the chocolates - everyone loves chocolate! 😉).

woman slugging skincare

For the Radiant Admirer

Do you just start ✨glowing✨ when thinking about the one you love most? Then this Mattifying Mineral Powder by A|N Skin & Beauty will send the perfect message to your loved one!

This Mattifying Mineral Powder has a universal tint, so anyone who uses it can achieve an even, radiant complexion. Glowing! This new product is a hot item as it doubles as makeup AND skincare!

When checking out for your radiant admirer, be sure to use the code POSHED15 for 15% off your order!

For the Scent Sweetie

If the one you love owns every possible perfume or cologne and you love they way it feels like they linger long after they're gone, then gift them something more subtle with this deodorant spray from EO Products. The Orange Blossom scent will linger too.

For the Classic Beloved

Looking to end Valentine's Day with a perfect kiss with your beloved? Then you need this lipstick by Mirabella! Not just because it's perfectly named "Sealed With A Kiss Lipstick Perfect Red," but because the color sets for hours, so you won't be wearing it too! 😘

This is an ultra-creamy, richly pigmented lipstick with an exclusive full-coverage formula that glides on with a rich, comfortable feel and pure shine. The finish stays moist and elastic over time, maintaining a freshly applied look. So no matter when your Valentine's date begins or ends, your beloved will stay ravishing in your eyes (and every one else's!). Plus, it's available in both matte and shine shades depending on your love's preferences.

For Those Sweet on Scalps

Are you sitting there scratching your head trying to think of what to get your sweetheart? Well then Surface Hair has the solution for you both!

Skip the dry winter season, itchy scalps and slow hair growth! Awaken is a clear and simple solution for ALL scalp and hair needs!

Did you know, 60% of men and 40% of women suffer from a scalp condition in the USA?

Awaken is a Clear & Simple Solution for:

  • Thinning Hair

  • Shedding

  • Dry Itchy Scalp

  • Dandruff

  • Psoriasis

  • Eczema

  • Covid Hair Loss

  • Thyroid / Medication Hair Loss

  • Postpartum / Post Surgery Hair Loss

  • Over Active Oily Scalp

How does Awaken work? A healthy scalp produces healthy hair. D-Biotin supports cellular rejuvenation as ferments of silica, magnesium, copper, iron & zinc keep the scalp, follicle and hair healthy inside and out. Botanical extracts led by Saw Palmettow nourish, encourage and invigorate growth while helping reduce & deactivate DHT (primary cause of hair loss)

How to use Awaken Shampoo scalp & hair with Awaken shampoo and rinse. For a deeper cleanse, shampoo twice and leave on a second lather for up to 3 min. Next, use the Awaken Conditioner, followed by Awaken Scalp Elixir and Awaken Treatment for best results.

When checking out for your sweetie, be sure to use the code POSHED15 for 15% off your first purchase!

For the Self-lover

Are you going to focus on self-love this Valentine's Day? Are you ready to go ALL IN on YOU?

Then set the mood by drawing a bath, lighting a candle, and cracking open a great new book! In this book, “Be Who You Came to Be,” by our terrific brand partner, Tara Renze, she shares secrets, truths, life lessons and stories to help you create, own and live the life you desire and deserve. Level-up your success, create genuine happiness, own your perfectly flawed self and never play small again.

When checking out, be sure to use the code POSH10 for $10 off your first order!

For the Mix & Match Beau

Maybe you're not entirely sure what to get your beau this Valentine's Day. Well Veribella is here for your rescue with their special mix and match offer!

Select any three color items for the incredible price of $39.99 (that's over 50% off retail). Plus receive seven of their beloved microfiber cleansing cloths, FREE! You can mix and match between:

  • Contour sticks

  • Cheek & Eye sticks

  • Liquid lip color

  • Mascara

No code needed at checkout! Simply select the three color items of your beau's choice and add in the microfiber cloths for the discount to automatically apply.

Until Next Year...

Of course, showing your love is highly personal on Valentine's Day, but we hope you've found this gift guide helpful!

Our team and our brand partners want to make sure you all feel beautiful, loved, and appreciated this holiday, so we want to take a moment to THANK YOU for the continued love you show for Poshed On The Go™! It means the world to us and we hope you feel the love we're sending you, too. 💕

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