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Your Full Guide to Fall Hair Color

September 22nd is the official first day of Fall here in North America. As the seasons change, the leaves change colors, the clothing gets warmer, and we’re naturally looking for a change, too. 🍂 One of the easiest and most popular ways to change your look is with a fresh hair color! Read on for trends and tips for your best Fall hair.

Reverse Balayage

Balayage is traditionally a method of "sweeping" lightener onto the hair to give it natural,

lived-in highlights and brighten the ends. A Reverse Balayage is the opposite - adding

lowlights and pockets of a darker shade to create depth and dimension. This is a perfect way

to subtly shift that summer blonde to a warmer or richer fall look. 🤎

Cowboy Copper

Coppers and warmer colors tend to become more requested as we naturally gravitate to the

colors we see in nature. Cowboy Copper is the IT color this season, according to Surface

Artistic Director, Dawn McKee.

Cowboy Copper is categorized by rich and shiny copper tones between levels 6-8 with

brunette and caramel undertones.

For a more subdued look, try using the copper formula to add dimension and lowlights

instead of an all-over color.

Hair Color Maintenance:

Maintain color treated hair with products specifically designed for color treated hair. Trinity

from Surface hair builds strength, repairs hair, and helps color stay fresh for up to 30%

longer! Treat yourself to an at-home Trinity Color Bonding Treatment:

  1. Before Shampooing, mist Trinity Tonic throughout dry hair.

  2. Apply Trinity Color Bonding Masque all over. Brush through to distribute. Leave 5 minutes and then shampoo with Trinity Shampoo and Conditioner.

  3. Apply Trinity Protein Cream to clean hair, and style as desired.

trinity color bonding treatment

Check out more Fall Color inspirations on the Surface Hair Instagram and Facebook pages

Want the ultimate treatment to a gorgeous Fall color? Book your gloss treatment or Trinity Color Bonding Treatment with a Poshed Pro by downloading our app today!

Are you a professional looking to expand your education and learn a new service to treat your clients? Attend our next Poshed Monday Funday event on September 25, 2023 to learn how to give a Scalp Facial from Surface Hair educators!

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