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Heather R.

Makeup Artist

Heather is a seasoned makeup artist with an impressive portfolio spanning over two decades, marked by her proficiency in catering to diverse clientele across numerous weddings and events. Her journey commenced at Stila, where she cultivated her passion for makeup, setting the stage for a remarkable career trajectory. Rising swiftly through the ranks, Heather's talents garnered recognition, leading to an invitation to join Laura Mercier as a National Makeup Artist. As one of Laura's inaugural Global Educators, Heather's ardor for product knowledge and educational outreach flourished. Driven by a deep-seated commitment to empowering women through beauty, Heather finds fulfillment in instilling confidence and radiance in her clients for their special occasions. Distinguished by her unwavering dedication to customer service and a steadfast belief in enhancing natural beauty, Heather's approach is characterized by a desire to reveal the best version of each individual. 

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